Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Seven (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER SEVEN – Taking Attendance
34 41 A few weeks after his reunion with Morrie, Albom flew to London to cover a sporting event. Which event was this and what did he think of it? The sporting event which Albom flew to London to cover was Wimbledon. Albom liked the event very much because the crowds never booed and people were never drunk in the car park.
35 42 On his previous visits to England, Albom had enjoyed reading the tabloid newspapers which covered nothing but mindless gossip and thoughtless news articles. On this visit, however, every time he read anything silly or mindless he found himself thinking about Morrie. Why was this? Every time Albom read anything silly or mindless he found himself thinking about Morrie because whilst his former professor was spending every last minute in pain, with the people he loved, Albom was wasting his time on things which didn’t matter in the slightest.
37 44 After several weeks covering the tennis in Wimbledon, Albom returned to Detroit only to be greeted by a shocking piece of news. What was this? When Albom returned to Detroit he discovered that the unions at his newspaper had gone out on strike. As a member of the union, Albom was left with no choice but to join them.
38 44-45 Three days into the strike and the rumour began to circulate that the industrial action would likely last for months. Faced with the prospect of a prolonged period off work, what did Albom do? Faced with the prospect of months off work, Albom phoned Morrie. After a conversation, the two decided that Albom should again pay his former professor a visit. The two decided that Tuesday would be most suitable.
39 47 Whilst he was at college, Albom’s father wanted his son to train as a lawyer after he graduated whilst Albom wanted to pursue his dream of playing piano professionally. What did Morrie think about this? Morrie ‘hated lawyers’ and, though he believed the life of a musician was a hard one, thought that Albom would find a way of making his dream come true if he wanted it enough.

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