Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Eleven (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER ELEVEN – The Audiovisual Part Two
53 69 Sometime after the first ‘nightline’ interview, Koppelr had returned to interview Morrie for a second time. What reason does Albom give for this? Albom tells his readers that the reason Koppelr returned to do a follow-up interview with Morrie was because the first interview proved so popular with the viewing public.
54 70 During the interview, Koppelr and Morrie discussed the progression of his disease. What two bodily function did Morrie tell Koppelr were most important to him and he dreaded losing the most? The two bodily functions which Morrie most dreaded losing was the ability to speak, and the ability to move his hands. These two things were most important to him because it was with these two things that Morrie was able to communicate with other people, that Morrie was able ‘to give to people’.
55 71 During the interview, Koppel mentioned Maurie Stein, a long term friend of Morrie who was now going deaf. Koppel imagined what it would the two might be able to relate to each other in the future when one couldn’t speak and the other couldn’t hear. What did Morrie say the two would do instead of speak? Morrie told Koppelr that two people who have known each other as long as he had known Stein did not need language to communicate. Instead the two of them would just hold hands and share love – ‘you don’t need speech or hearing to feel that’, the old professor told his interviewer.
56 71-72 During the interview, Morrie was moved to tears. What was the thought that caused this? The thought of the death of his mother nearly seventy years ago moved Morrie to tears during his second interview with Koppelr.

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