Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Fifteen (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER FIFTEEN – The Sixth Tuesday We Talk About Emotions
71 100 When Albom arrived at Morrie’s house for the sixth Tuesday, he was greeted at the front door by Charlotte, Morrie’s wife. Charlotte tells Albom that Morrie was not feeling very well that day. What other news did Charlotte give to Albom which upset him? When Albom gave Charlotte the usual food supplies that he would bring for Morrie, she gently told him that Morrie was no longer able to eat solid foods. Consequentially, they already had a great deal stored in the fried and freezer. Morrie hadn’t told Albom as the old man didn’t want to hurt his feelings.
72 103-105 On this visit, Morrie taught Albom the need for what he calls ‘detachment’. The ability to detach from a moment of emotion. How is Morrie’s principle of ‘detachment’ reconcilable with his repeated assertion that people must be open to the emotions which surround them? Morrie explains that it is only through detachment that one is able to truly experience the strength and the limits of emotion. Most people, he argues, prevent themselves from experiencing the strength of what they feel and that it is only by having the ability to detach from the moment that one can feel the strength of what they are experiencing.
73 106 After explaining the principles of detachment to Albom, Morrie was consumed by a coughing fit. When the coughing subsided, Morrie told Albom that he now knew how he wanted to die. How was this? Morrie explained that he wanted to die ‘serenely’. Yet you can’t decide the terms of your own death. This is why detachment is so important. Even if Morrie’s death was painful and hectic like his coughing fit had been, by detaching Morrie would be able to both experience the end whilst experiencing serenity.
74 108 On another occasion, Albom asked Morrie if he believed in reincarnation and, if so, what he would like to come back as. How did Morrie answer? Morrie explained that he would like to come back as a gazelle, as they are so fast and so graceful. Given Morrie’s limited mobility, this made perfect sense to Albom.

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