Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Eighteen (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – The Ninth Tuesday We Talk About How Loves Goes On.
85 131 Despite the difficulty in getting out of bed, why did Morrie insist upon doing so and going to his study? Morrie explained that ‘When you’re in bed, you are dead’.
86 131 By the Ninth Tuesday, Morrie had undergone a procedure in which a catheter was inserted into his penis so that he no longer had to try and urinate himself. Morrie had also received another phone call from Ted Koppelr and the people at Nightline. Why had they called? The people at Nightline told Morrie that they wanted to do a third interview but that they wanted to wait a little longer. This upset Albom, as he concluded that they wanted to wait until he was ‘at his last breath’.
87 132 How does Morrie feel about ‘Nightline’? Morrie explains to Albom that he doesn’t mind if the television show uses him for a little drama, because he is using nightline too. He is using them get his message out to thousands of people across the country.
88 133 As the pair talked, Morrie told Albom that he had been asked a very interesting question the day before they met: ‘are you afraid of being forgotten after you die?’. How did Morrie feel about this? Morrie explained to Albom that he didn’t think that he would be forgotten after he died because he has so many people who have been involved with him in intimate ways and ‘love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone’.
89 134 In the time since their last meeting, Morrie had also found the time to reflect upon what he would like to have inscribed upon his tombstone. What had be decided upon? Morrie had decided on the following inscription upon his tombstone: ‘a teacher to the last’.
90 135 Albom found his time with Morrie to be most rewarding for many reasons. One of these was the way in which Morrie made him feel significant. How did Morrie explain this? Morrie explained that he was a firm believer of being in the moment. Consequentially, when he was with Albom, he tried to focus entirely upon him and their meeting and nothing more.
91 137 Another problem, which Morrie identified with society, is that people are always in a hurry. To explain what he means and how he copes with such demands, he told Albom what he used to do when a car wanted to overtake him whilst he was driving. What did Morrie do? Morrie explained to Albom that he would raise his hand as though he was going to make a negative gesture but then wave them on and smile at them. More often than not, he explained, they would smile back at him.
92 138-139 Morrie’s own father was rather different to him. He preferred his own company. The last time that Morrie had seen his father, he had been in a morgue. How had he died? Morrie’s father had died after he had been held up by two muggers. After giving the men his wallet, he had run away before collapsing at a relative’s house and dying of a heart attack.
93 139 In what way did the death of his father prepare Morrie for his own? Morrie realised that his father had died leaving many things unsaid and undone. Morrie swore that when his own time came there would be lots of ‘holding, kissing, laughter and talking and no good-byes left unsaid’.

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