Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Nineteen (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER NINETEEN – The Tenth Tuesday We Talk About Marriage.
94 142-143 On the tenth Tuesday, Albom brought someone to meet Morrie. Who was this and how had this been arranged? Albom brought his wife, Janine, to meet Morrie. Morrie had wanted to meet Albom’s wife for some time and after asking to speak to her on the phone he had arranged the meeting.
95 144 Morrie told his visitors a story about when he was teaching in Detroit. He had been present at the operating theatre during an operation. What happened when the surgeon made a long and deep incision into the patient? As soon as Morrie saw the incision he immediately became queasy and he had to rush from the operating theatre before he fainted.
96 146 Morrie asked Janine to do something for him. What was this and why did he make this request? Morrie asked Janine to sing him a song. He made this request because Albom had correctly told him that Janine was a professional singer.
97 148 The group discussed common problems which people experience with marriage. How long had Charlotte and Morrie been married and how had they met? Charlotte and Morrie had been married for forty-four years. They had met as students.
98 149 Seeing how happy Charlotte and Morrie were together, Albom asked Morrie if there was any rules to knowing if a marriage would work or not. Morrie told his visitors that marriage wasn’t that simple but that he had learned five rules about marriage. What were these?

The five rules about marriage which Morrie imparted to his visitors were:

1.      The importance for mutual respect.

2.      The importance of compromise in a marriage.

3.      The importance of honest and frank communication.

4.      The importance of common values shared between partners

5.      However, most important among these is the importance of valuing marriage as an institution.

99 151 During another conversation, Morrie and Albom discussed the book of Job, a biblical narrative in which God tests one of his firmest believers by bringing ever misfortune upon him. How did Morrie feel about this narrative? Morrie told Albom that, in his opinion, ‘God over did it’.

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