Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Twenty (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER TWENTY – The Eleventh Tuesday We Talk About Our Culture.
100 152 During the eleventh Tuesday, a physical therapist interrupted the pair’s conversation. What important medical procedure did Albom learn as a consequence? Albom learned how to ‘bang loose the poison’ from Morrie’s lungs by thumping the old man on his back.
101 154 Morrie was a firm believer in the innate good of people, but even he acknowledged that people could become bad. What did Morrie believe was the cause of this? Morrie believed that people only became dangerous when they felt threatened which happens all too often as a result of the culture which surrounds them..
102 155 Morrie promoted the necessity of every individual building their own ‘little subculture’. What did Morrie mean by this? Morrie argued that it was important for people not to blindly adhere to the culture into which they are born. Instead be argues that they should build their own subculture. This didn’t mean that they should disregard every rule of their community but it did mean that they should determine the big things, like how they think, what they value, for themselves.
103 157 According to Morrie, one of the great problems in society is that people fail to recognise how similar they all are: ‘Whites and blacks, Catholics and protestants, men and women’. Morrie believed that this problem could be solved if people learnt an important secret. What was this secret? Morrie explains that society is deeply intertwined. He argues that whilst people know that at the start of their life and at the end of their life they are dependent upon others, the secret is that the same is true for the whole of their lives.
104 158 During the months in which Albom had been visiting Morrie, the ‘court case of the century’ was unfolding on television. OJ Simpson, the famous baseball player, was being tried for murder. During their Eleventh Tuesday together, the trial reached its climax when OJ Simpson was acquitted. Whilst the rest of America gathered around their television sets to witness the outcome of the proceedings, what was Morrie doing? Morrie showed little interest in television or the court case and, rather than watching the climax of the proceedings, he chose to go to the toilet.
105 159 Morrie did not think like other people. On one occasion in 1979 when Brandeis was doing especially well during a baseball game, the crowd began to chant, ‘We’re number one’. What did Morrie interrupt this chant by saying? Morrie interrupted this chant by shouting out ‘What’s wrong with being number two?’

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