Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Twenty-Two (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO – The Twelfth Tuesday We Talk About Forgiveness.
108 164-166 During their Twelfth Tuesday together, Morrie told Albom about a man named Norman. Who was this man and why did Morrie feel bad about how their relationship came to an end. Norman was a former friend with whom Morrie had lost contact after he had failed to enquire about Charlotte’s wellbeing after a serious operation. Norman had repeatedly attempted to reconcile with Morrie but Morrie hadn’t allowed this to happen before Norman died after a battle with cancer. Morrie now felt guilty for not accepting the apology and reconciling before Norman died.
109 166 What did Morrie’s experience with Norman teach him about forgiveness? Morrie’s experience with Norman taught him that forgiving yourself was as important as forgiving other people.
110 168 During their twelfth Tuesday together, Morrie opened up to Albom like never before and told him a personal secret. What was this? Morrie told Albom that if he could have had another son, he would have liked it to have been Albom.
111 169 In another moment of honesty, Morrie told Albom where he would like to be buried. Where was this and what did Morrie hope Albom would continue to do afterwards?

Morrie told Albom that he wanted to be buried ‘not far from here. On a hill, underneath a tree, overlooking a pond. Very serene’.


Morrie hoped that Albom would continue to visit him there on Tuesdays and continue to talk to him and share any problems he may have.

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