Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Summary (Question and Answer)

Chapter Twenty-Three (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom)

CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE – The Thirteenth Tuesday We Talk About the perfect day.
112 171 After some deliberation, Morrie and Charlotte decided that cremation would be the best option. Who did they decide should conduct the funeral service? Charlotte and Morrie decided that Al Axelrad, the rabbi from Brandeis and a lifelong friend, should conduct the funeral service.
113 172 During their thirteenth Tuesday together, Morrie found himself heavily fatigued. Why was this? Morrie was not sleeping very well and consequentially found himself fatigued during the day. He would only be able to get a couple of hours sleep before he would wake up in a severe coughing fit and would require assistance from one of his carers before trying to get back to sleep.
114 174 There had been a development in the treatment of ALS however this new treatment would not be available to Morrie. Why was this? The new treatment would not be available for Morrie because he was ‘too far gone’ and the medication wouldn’t even be ready for some time.
115 175 With his condition rapidly worsening, Albom asked Morrie what he would do if, miraculously, he was granted twenty-four hours respite. How did Morrie answer this question? Morrie told Albom that he would have what might appear like a rather ‘normal’ day. He simply wished to wake up, have breakfast do a little exercise before entertaining friends and family. After a walk in the afternoon, Morrie would spend his evening dining and dancing with his friends and family.
116 176-178 Before Albom left the house, Morrie asked if he could bring up a delicate topic. What was this? Morrie brought up the subject of Peter, Albom’s brother, who was still refusing to see him. He suggested that it may be because Peter didn’t want Albom to make any sacrifice.
117 180 Morrie told Albom a story about two waves in the ocean, one of whom was concerned that he, like all other waves, would soon crash and from then on be nothing. How did the second wave in Morrie’s story comfort the first. The second wave in Morrie’s story comforted the first by telling it that it was confused. ‘You’re not a wave; you are part of the ocean’.

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