DSE English Paper 3 – Profile Writing 人物簡介格式

DSE English Paper 3 – Profile Writing 人物簡介格式

DSE 英文 – 寫人物簡介Profile Writing 要注意什麼?

  1. Set the context
  2. Begin in the present
  3. Then move to the past tense
  4. Stick to the highlights
  5. Use chronology
  6. Use adjectives to describe people
  7. Use quotes
  8. Formal but friendly
  9. Say what the future holds
  10. End with a short sentence. 

DSE 英文作文體材 – Profile Writing 題目 1-5

      • Your local newspaper is running a competition called ‘Pride in Hong Kong’ in which readers are invited to nominate a resident of the SAR who has ‘made a real and lasting difference to the lives of ordinary people’. Write a profile about someone you believe fits this description. 
      • Your friend Mary has just finished her final chemotherapy treatment after she was diagnosed with leukemia. You were inspired by the way she has handled her disease and would like to write a profile of her to help others learn from her example.
      • Your teacher has given you an assignment to complete entitled: ‘My hero’. For it you must write a profile of someone who has inspired or influenced you.  Write the profile.
      • You are an intern for a local radio show and next week a prominent businessman will be a guest on your show. The presenter has asked you to write a profile of him so that he can be prepared to interview him.  Write the profile.
      • A famous actor has just died in a car accident. Write a profile for a local newspaper explaining how their career began, what the highs and lows of their career were, and the details of their death.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Profile Writing 題目 6-9

  • Your school newspaper is having a special edition about teaching and education. It is asking for contributions for its ‘Teachers You’ll Never Forget’ section.  Write a profile of an influential teacher to send into the paper.
  • You are working as an intern for a political party. In the run up to an election, you have been asked to write a profile for your candidate in order to let the public know about the candidate who is standing for office.  Say how they came into politics and what they intend to do in office.  Write the profile. 
  • As part of a social studies class, you have been interviewing various people in the nursing and medical profession. Your teacher has asked you to write up a profile of one of these in order to give an idea of what it’s like to work in a job like this.  Write the profile. 
  • Your class is doing a project called ‘Hong Kong of Yesterday’. As part of this, you have decided to interview your grandparent about life in Hong Kong when they were growing up.  Write a profile of your grandparent as a child.
  • One of your classmates has just made a fortune by designing and selling an app. He’s also been nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Write a profile of him for your school magazine.

DSE 英文作文 Profile Writing 實用開頭句子

  • It will come as no surprise to learn…
  • After x years of service…
  • Most of you won’t be a stranger to Mr X
  • Many of you will have seen Mr X around the school

DSE 英文作文 Profile Writing 如何表達人物的 significant moments:

    • Born in an affluent family, …
    • Having left school at…
    • Getting a job as [a hospital porter] was where it all started
    • Another milestone was reached when…
    • After a stint as…, Mr Chan soon started to…

DSE 英文作文 Profile Writing 如何表達人物的 achievements:

    • Mr X confounded expectations when…
    • It wasn’t long before … had taken control of the company
    • Success soon followed
    • The crowning achievement was when…
    • Mr X’s ascendency was unprecedented.
    • Things began to look up when…
    • His company became one of the top-grossing firms…

DSE 英文作文 Profile Writing 如何結尾:

    • We wish … all the best for the future
    • Our best wishes go to…
    • …will be much missed by all
    • No doubt we’ll be seeing much more of…

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