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DSE 英文 Paper 2 – 寫 Advice Letter 要注意什麼?

  1. Remember it’s your friend
  2. Friendly first sentence
  3. Sympathise with the problem
  4. Give specifics
  5. Use your imagination
  6. Use conditionals
  7. Use modals
  8. Use informal vocabulary
  9. Get your connectors right
  10. End with reassurance.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Advice Letter 題目 1-5

      • Someone in your class is considering spending a semester abroad but is worried about the risks involved. Write a letter telling him what he should do in preparation for spending time abroad. 
      • Your friend is thinking of taking up a new hobby in order to make some new friends. Based on your knowledge of your friend, write a letter giving her suggestions on what she should do and suggesting any other ways she could make friends.
      • One of your friends is studying in the UK and is about to return to Hong Kong. Write a letter of advice giving suggestions about how she could use the rest of her time abroad, and what she could do to prepare to return to Hong Kong.
      • Two of your friends have had an argument, and it is up to you to try to work a reconciliation. Write a letter of advice to one of the friends telling them how they can restore the relationship. 
      • Your friend is working in a fast food restaurant but s/he doesn’t enjoy it. Write a letter of advice  telling him/her how they can cope and what they can do.   

    DSE 英文作文體材 – Advice Letter 題目 6-9

      • Your friend Anna is appearing in the lead role in the school musical. However, it’s her first time on stage and she has written to you asking for advice on what she can do to prepare for the performance.  Write a letter of advice in which you share some useful tips. 
      • Your friend has recently participated in a dance competition. She did well, but didn’t win.  To make matters worse, she received a negative review in the school uniform.  She is upset and has asked for your advice about how to handle it.  Write a letter to your friend to help her in this situation.
      • You are guesting as an agony aunt/uncle in your school newspaper. A student has written in saying that he is struggling to get on with his family because they want him to go to university to study law, but he wants to go to drama school.  Write a letter of advice telling him what he could do to solve his problem. 

    DSE 英文作文 Advice Letter 實用開頭句子

      • Thanks so much for your letter
      • It’s been too long since we were last in touch
      • It was so nice to get your letter in the mail – a real surprise!
      • I hope you’re doing well and that you’re coping with the stresses of Form 6.

    DSE 英文作文 Advice Letter 實用結尾句子

      • Thanks for sharing this with me and I hope I’ve been able to help a bit
      • Do let me know how it all pans out.
      • I hope my advice has been useful
      • Remember that I’m here for you if you need me.

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