【DSE 英文】Proposal格式 – DSE English Paper 2 English Writing Tips

【DSE 英文】Proposal格式 – DSE English Paper 2 English Writing Tips

DSE 英文 – 寫Proposal要注意什麼?

  1. Write a title
  2. Know who you’re writing to
  3. Keep it formal
  4. Don’t exaggerate
  5. Get specific
  6. Be methodical
  7. Show the counter-view (briefly!)
  8. Use sequencers
  9. Use headings
  10. Use ‘would’, not ‘will’

DSE 英文作文體材 – Proposal 題目 1-5

      • A former student from your school has just donated $100,000 ‘for any worthy educational project the school wishes to provide’. Your head teacher has asked students to give their input on what the money should be spent on.  Write a proposal to your head teacher giving your ideas. 
      • Your local council is thinking of creating a national holiday in the name of ‘an exceptional member of the Hong Kong community’ and would like residents to nominate someone who is worthy of this honour. Write a proposal suggesting someone and giving reasons why they deserve it.
      • Your school student union is organising its annual charity event, but has not yet decided which charity to donate the money to. Write a proposal suggesting a worthy cause that you believe deserves the money
      • Your school librarian has been given some money to redesign the library and would like student input. Write a proposal saying what you think could be done to improve the library.
      • The government is thinking of cutting money to sports facilities for primary school children. However, you believe that the government should be investing more money into these, not less.  Write a proposal suggesting new programs or facilities the government could provide.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Proposal 題目 6-10

    • Nowadays more and more students aspire to go to university. However, you do not think that they receive adequate preparation.  Write a proposal to your head teacher giving suggestions about how your school could better prepare students for university application and life.
    • The management of a major theme park in Hong Kong are looking do develop some of its facilities and are asking members of the public for their suggestions. Write a proposal giving your ideas about the new development.
    • Your school radio station is asking students to suggest new programs for its lunchtime slot. Write a proposal giving your ideas for a new program.
    • Your school is currently raising money for a new sports pitch and is asking students to suggest some innovative fund-raising methods. Write a proposal for the school Accounts Committee, suggesting some ways to raise money.
    • You are working as an intern for Green Cities, a company that aims to encourage environmentally friendly business practice. However, you have noticed that the Green Cities offices need to be made more environmentally friendly.  Write a proposal to your manager suggesting steps the company could take.

DSE 英文作文 Proposal 實用開頭句子

    • It will have escaped no-one’s notice that [truancy] has been on the rise in recent years
    • Nowadays, it’s widely accepted that there’s a problem with…
    • In this proposal, I call on x to provide funds for…
    • We propose that…

DSE 英文作文 Proposal 實用提供建議句子

    • The advantages of the trip would be incalculable for…
    • It would be interesting to see…
    • The organisers of the trip could consider…
    • Time / funds permitting, we could…
    • It would be to our advantage to…
    • We would all benefit from…
    • I suggest that we…
    • I recommend that we…

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