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DSE 英文 – 寫Editorial 要注意什麼?

1. It’s not a letter to the editor
2. Give it a title
3. Set the context
4. Give your opinion
5. Use PEE
6. Use strong language
7. Acknowledge the opposite point of view
8. Use conditionals
9. Use opinions disguised as facts
10. Use quotes

DSE 英文作文體材 – Editorial 題目 1-5

      • You are the editor of your school newspaper and would like to raise awareness of mental health issues for your schoolmates. Write an editorial giving information about what you consider to be the major issues.
      • The issue of press freedom has been in the news lately, with some people claiming that the government should limit press freedom in order to stop violations of privacy. Write an editorial giving your opinion on the issue.
      • Some countries do not give girls the same access to education as they do to boys. Write an editorial arguing that educational opportunities should be equal across the world.
      • Some governments argue that it’s never right to go to war, whilst others claim there are sometimes good reasons to do so. Write an editorial giving your opinion on the matter.
      • Your head teacher has been forced to resign because of an offensive quote made on their personal Facebook page. Write an editorial in which you either agree with the school’s decision to terminate his contract, or you demand that he is reinstated.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Editorial 題目 6-9

  • The leader of a political party in Hong Kong has just admitted to using drugs, but he has only done so once. Some people are calling for his resignation, but he claims that ‘a mistake in my private life does not affect my ability to do the job.’  Give your opinion in an editorial.
  • Your school is hosting an arts festival, which will showcase work from the school and community. Write an editorial in which you express your views on why art is an important part of life.
  • Your school is going to organise an exchange trip to Japan. Write an editorial in which you talk about the benefits of experiencing another culture first-hand, and give examples of what spending time abroad can teach us.
  • Across the world, the Occupy movement has sought to challenge inequalities in the capitalist economic system. Write an editorial for your school newspaper about whether you think the campaign has been successful.
  • In recent years some prominent sports stars have been found guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs. Write an editorial in which you explain the effect you think this has on sport as a whole, and suggesting measures sports organisations can take to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

DSE 英文作文 Editorial 實用開頭句子

  • You can’t have missed…
  • Nowadays it’s not uncommon to hear about…
  • The recent announcement of…has raised eyebrows

DSE 英文作文 Editorial 如何表達自己意見:

    • I have to say that…
    • The only rational conclusion is that…
    • We have no choice but to believe that…
    • In my view…

DSE 英文作文 Editorial 如何略略提及另一方意見:

    • Of course, others might come back at me and say…
    • The alternative view is that…
    • Although others might insist that…
    • Despite the fact that…

DSE 英文作文 Editorial 如何結尾:

    • We would all be better off if…
    • Now is the time for tough action to be taken…
    • Let us hope that…

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