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Test 1 Task 1 Question

The first chart below shows how energy is used in an average Australian household. The second chart shows the greenhouse gas emissions which result from this energy use.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Test 1 Task 1 Model Essay by an Expert 

The data show the usage of energy in an average Australian home, as well as the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions for each category of energy use.

The largest proportion of energy usage in the Australian household is for heating, constituting 42% of total household energy use. However, heating accounts for just 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. This is the only category of energy usage for which the proportion of harmful emissions is significantly less than the percentage of household energy usage. The next highest category of energy usage, water heating, is relatively similar to the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, at 30% and 32% respectively. Cooling is in a similar position, accounting for 2% of household energy use, and only 3% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The rest of the energy usage categories show roughly double the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions compared to the percentage of energy usage. Refrigeration accounts for 7% of total household usage, and 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. Lighting makes up 4% of energy use, and 8% of emissions. The second highest category for greenhouse gas emissions is ‘other appliances’, at 28%. This category makes up just 15% of total household energy use.

In summary, in only two categories is the proportion of household energy use similar to the proportion of greenhouse gas emissions: water heating and cooling. Heating is the only category in which the proportion of greenhouse gases is lower than the percentage of energy use in Australian households.

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