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【HKDSE English writing sample 】 2012 DSE Paper 2 English Writing Part A model essay

The best part of my job

Life is never monotonous for me. One day it’s all about celebrity interviews, and the next I’m putting my nose to the grindstone, working on some political reviews. Life is fast-paced, dynamic, and challenging, and it changes along with the rapid changes in society. It’s impossible to foresee what excitement lies ahead. Everyday I jump up from my bed, anticipating the delight to come, complimented by my colleagues’ sense of humour and the chance to meet an array of fabulous and influential figures, and learn and prosper from their wisdom.

The biggest challenge I have ever faced in my job

The biggest challenge for a news reporter? None other than the approach of a deadline. As a news reporter, it is no longer about merely submitting your writing. You are always supposed to work with profundity and strive for excellency, in both quality and quantity. Every single piece of your news report should stand alone as a masterpiece. It must. Imagine a typo that turns “Obama” into “Osama”! “I was in a rush” is no longer a feasible excuse. Excellence is necessity. The biggest challenge is day-to-day life. 

My school days

Even back when I was a student, I always threw myself headlong into editorial work. I was the senior editor of the schools’ editorial board, and I was responsible for writing events reviews for the school magazine. I started out writing intending only to do a good job, and hoping that others would appreciate my work – but little did I know taking up such a position would entirely change my life.

Tips for potential future editors

See more, read more, write more! You need to carefully observe everything around you and develop your own perspective on issues. Hone your rough edges, and prepare yourself for a never-ending war with words. Grasp every single chance to write and allow your style to flourish and thrive. Being an editor is no easy job, but if you take into consideration the rewarding experiences and the paycheque, it is certainly worth the effort. 

(322 words)

HKDSE English Writing sample 】 2015 DSE Paper 2 English Writing Part B model essay

The Hong Kong Drama Association is planning to organise a drama competition for secondary school students.  The theme is’You are never too old to live your dreams.’ Students are invited to submit stories.  The winning story will ater be turned into a play by the Association.  Your story should be about the elderly realising their dreams.  Write your story.

“Please stop asking me about this. I’m afraid it is simply impossible for your grandmother to travel in her condition.”a

Jess had become tired of hearing the word “impossible”, as she tried to make her grandmother’s dream come true. Since Grandma had moved into the old people’s home, it was as though she was trapped in a prison. The spark had begun to fade from her eyes, and the fire that had always burned in her soul had started to fizzle out.

“Thanks for trying, Jess,” she would sigh, whenever Jess updated her on her latest attempts, “But I’ve just come accept it now. I’m old and unwell. I’ll never go to Ireland.”

Jess clenched her fists The owner of the residential home was adamant that Grandma was too ill to travel the thousands of miles to her spiritual home. Several generations ago, Grandma’s mother had moved from Ireland to Hong Kong. She had never returned to Ireland, but had inspired in Grandma a desire to go to the place about which her mother had always talked so fondly. As much as Jess hated to admit it, Grandma was right. She was too frail to travel so far on a plane. It was time for Jess to be a bit more creative.

After a few more conversations and negotiations with the residential home staff, and what felt like a million phone-calls and bookings, the day finally arrived.

“Where are we going, Jess?” asked Grandma, a few sparks of excitement beginning to glitter in her green eyes as Jess pushed her wheelchair along the corridors of the home, “What’s happening?”

When they reached the closed door of the sitting-room, Jess turned to her Grandma with a dramatic flourish. “Grandma,” she announced, “We’re going to Ireland!”

She opened the door slowly, and traditional Irish music started to play. A row of Irish dancers sprang into action in the middle of the room, which was garishly decorated with strings of shamrocks and Celtic symbols. Above the fireplace, a portrait of Grandma’s mother looked proudly at the room, smiling gently as if amused by the scene she saw before her.

“What do you think, Grandma?” whispered Jess, suddenly anxious that this hadn’t been such a good idea after all, “There’s Irish stew for lunch, and I even persuaded the staff to let you have a pint of Guinness.”

Grandma didn’t say a word, and Jess filled the silence with more chatter. “So I know that it’s not really Ireland – obviously – but maybe – I just thought that – we could at least pretend – just for the afternoon.”

Grandma reached out and took Jess’s hand. “Thank-you,” she choked through tears of joy, “Thank-you for making my dream come true.”

(452 words)

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