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Test 2 Task 1 Question

The charts below show the main reasons for study among students of different age groups and the amount of support they received from employers.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words. 


Test 2 Task 1 Model Essay by an Expert 

The graphs show why students enrol for courses of studies at different stages of life and the amount of help employers provide to their employees to study.  As a general overview we can see that ‘career’ as a motivation for study decreases with age, whilst the opposite is true for ‘interest’. We can also see that employers are more likely to support employees who are in their twenties.

In the first graph we observe that 80% of people under 26 study to improve their career prospects.  This figure decreases in increments of ten to twenty per cent across the age groups, with just under one fifth of people over 49 opting to study for their career. By contrast, in the oldest age group, almost three quarters of people study for interest, a figure which is almost double that of 40-49 year olds, where only 40% were motivated by interest.  Of particular note is that people in their forties are equally likely to study for their job prospects or for personal enjoyment.  

The second graph shows that employees aged 30-39 are the least likely to obtain financial or other assistance from their companies, with only about one in three bosses lending a hand here.  The figure is much more optimistic for the youngest age group, which are twice as likely to receive support as 30-39 year olds.  The dip at 30-39 is remedied as employees get older, since employers help nearly half of their most senior employees to study (about 45%).

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