Joseph’s Mum – St Joseph’s Primary School

Last year, I was kinda frustrated after the Eng exam coz Joseph’s GE paper was no good. While I was trying to figure out what to do, I bumped into yr website.   I found that your papers were great as they matched my boy’s school format. I downloaded most of them so that my boy could work on them. And you know what? I’m proud to let you know that he got the English scholarship this year (means he got the highest English mark in the whole form) I was astounded. I got teary eyes when he told me. It was incredible. 

Thank you for your sharing and generosity. I know that he can’t make it without your papers. 

Thank you so much, Ms Carmen. You are the best. You never know u are a heroine 🙂 🙂 🙂

Joseph’s Mom

Gladys St. Mary’s Canossian College F.6

Dear Miss Chiu,
I would like to inform you that I did fine in the oral exam last week as those candidates did not say much, I could then have a chance to lead the conversation and ask them questions. I just wanna say a big thank you to you cos I am really grateful to have you as my teacher. You have contributed so much to us and help us wholeheartedly; without your guidance, hardly can I imagine what my performance will be like in the exam. Anyway, I will keep you updated with my results when they are out.

Abby Lui (真光)

Miss Chiu

洛志 (St. Paul’s College F.2)媽媽

Dear Miss Chiu,
我是Roy 媽媽,每次經過 貴補習社也想起妳曾為小兒補習英文的付出。自從小兒上了中學。他因功課應付不暇及路途遙遠,未能處理安排時間。故停止了補英文。他現在數學比較難搞,但時間方面都安排不到妥善,未能前來找龍sir補數。
我真很感激妳替小兒補了六年英文,小兒由小一開始到 貴社補習。直至六年級,看著他成績每年遞進。妳這麼多年來對教育的熱誠。不辭勞苦的精神,對學生無私的愛心,秉承有教無類的精神。實在令人讚歎!
每次我上 貴社都很希望謝謝妳,現特此遞上 Thank you 咭,向妳致謝!

Thomas Ong St. Joseph’s College

Miss Chiu

Claudia Szeto St. Mary’s Canossian College F.3

Ms Chiu,


Darren St. Joseph’s College F.3

Dear Ms Chiu,
Thank you for everything. It was indeed a great pleasure to be in your class for the past three years. You have always been helping so much with my English, and I am happy to tell you that I did well in my final exam. In GE paper, I scored 94 out of a hundred. In writing, I got 74 marks, and all these earned me a total of 264 in the total English Language mark. And I am ranked first in the form.
My hard work did pay off, but I would like to say- without your help, I am not even sure if I could do so well in this final exam.
I always liked your class. You have been such a responsible and caring teacher to me, and gave me so much support and extra resources to improve areas i don’t excel in. Thank you once again.
I will not be attending class next year, since I will be going to the UK. However, I will never forget how much you have given to me. In return, if you need any help in the future, I’m more than willing to come and give a helping hand. Keep in touch!

徐太 (徐卓賢 (聖公會鄧肇堅中學 F.5))

自小兒到貴中心補習以來,承蒙趙老師的盡心盡力,日以繼夜,廢寢忘餐的悉心教導及栽培下,使小兒的成績不斷進步。 本人實在感激不盡。由於小兒一向做事馬虎,祈望新學期能嚴加督促,多謝!
祝 教安

Winnie Wong 香港大學修讀LLB法律學士學位課程

Dear Miss Chiu,
Thank you for your teaching for the past 8 years. I still remember the time when I first came here – I didn’t even know how to write a 100-word story. You guided me through that piece of writing, word by word, sentence by sentence. Slowly I became more comfortable with writing in English and it’s all because of your help. I was so lucky to have found this tutorial centre by chance and become one of your students. Thank you, can’t thank you enough!

David Kwan St. Joseph’s College畢業 香港中文大學修讀 MBChB 內外全科醫學士課程

Miss Chiu:
I have been your student since primary school, and the early days of failing my English examinations are a distant past now. You teaching and support have guided me to strengthen my language repertoire by leaps and bounds and achieve excellent public examination results. Your passion and dedication for fine-tuning each and every piece of your students’ writing have never ceased to amaze me. As early as eight in the morning and as late as eleven at night, you have always been there with well-prepared notes and exercises to better equip us for the challenges ahead. While the days of going to weekly lessons are finally gone, I am truly grateful for this incredible journey with you and would like to sincerely say, ‘Thank you for everything’.

Vanessa Sze St. Paul’s Convent School 畢業 香港大學修讀 MBBS 內外全科醫學士課程

Dear Miss Chiu,
It was at least five or six years ago when I first stepped into the classroom of Peak Courses. I don’t remember seeing Miss Chiu that day but I was asked to do a diagnostic writing task about a memorable moment in my life. I was never a good writer, so my work at that time was no more than a piece of random scribble of a primary student.

Six years at Peak Courses has helped me improving a lot language-wise. Not only did the immense yet systematic amount of exercise brushed up my language skills, but it also varnished my examination skills necessary for different public examinations. Such training was hugely influential to me and was the key to success in my IGCSE, IELTS and HKDSE English alike.

Brian Mok St. Joseph’s College 畢業 香港大學修讀工商管理(IBGM)

Ms Chiu,
Thanks so much for teaching me!!
你講嘅好多技巧喺考試都用得番,喺鼎峯做咗咁多卷,出到去DSE反而個人輕鬆咗,冇乜壓力。再加埋海量嘅past paper, sample essay, 已經贏咗成條街 



Howard Hung St. Joseph’s College 畢業 劍橋大學修讀 LAW

Dear Miss Chiu,
I am forever indebted to you and your ‘ferociousness’ in teaching (the most diplomatic way I can put it. 6 years of hard work and dedication to someone who could never foresee himself getting into university, let alone one of the top-notch in the world. Your faith in my potential is my motivation forward, you taught me what it means to be passionate about our jobs. Thank you. I am happy for what you have achieved in your life which you truly deserve.

Sugar Yeung True Light Middle School畢業 HKUST就讀School of Business and Management

真的非常感謝Miss Chiu的教導,把我由一個十分討厭英文,英文程度奇差的人拉拔成一個竟然在公開試安全過關,甚至成功入大學,尤記得在中二初來這裏的時候,自己的英語真是慘不忍睹,除了認識的字嚴重貧乏,那些文法更是一塌糊塗。Miss Chiu非但沒有放棄我,反之常常鼓勵我(也鞭策我)。之後那四年在這裏的光景,沒星期從無間斷的練習,Miss Chiu耐心的教導、改文、講解……這一切一切到現在仍常常在我腦海中浮現。老實說,自己竟然可安全入大學,甚至憑著英語公開試的成績而在大學transfer credits,這些都是全憑Miss Chiu,鼎峰中的每一員的功勞。感謝你們當天沒有放棄那連idiot都不知何解的小妹妹!

SHAO Mang Hong St. Joseph’s College畢業

Ms Chiu,
今次DSE英文考得比預期好,臨考前的tips絕對是其中一個原因,而更重要的是平時課堂上的教學、對DSE past paper的分析、以及對每個人的弱項所作的研究、花的心思,一點一點逐漸成就這個成績。在此,十分感謝您多年來為我付出的努力,會針對我的弱項額外訓練,再細心批改,再作針對性練習……對英文進步十分有效。英文始終要慢慢績累,不能一步登天,而每一堂後都會給予一定數量的功課,以保持對英文的「觸覺」,避免因長時間缺乏練習而退步,並能在功課中改正錯誤、應用堂上所學。我會記住在鼎峯的課題、Ms Chiu自願加開的補堂,希望其他師弟也能有幸接受Ms Chiu教導!

Daniel Yeung St. Joseph’s College 畢業 King’ s College London修讀Econ and Management

我喺Miss Chiu度讀咗4年。雖然係香港DSE整體考得唔好,但係英文係我考得最好嘅一科。去到外國讀書,更加明白到喺呢度打落嘅基礎對我好有用。除咗基礎,呢度有Miss Chiu嘅鞭策同支持,亦都訓練到考試技巧。我幾年前係一個好懶嘅學生,但係Miss Chiu都唔會好放棄我。所以嚟呢度,只要你態度正確,有心機讀書,你一定會有回報,多過你預期嘅。唔理幾老土都要講,唔怕辛苦而且想有回報嘅話,Miss Chiu絕對係一位好嘅老師。我都非常感激佢,真心嘅。

Peter and Yolanda’s mom

Ms. Chiu,

劉昱岑 Eunice Liu 協恩中學畢業 香港科技大學修讀 Quantitative Finance

Miss Chiu:
我覺得最後我Paper3有5*全靠study leave的時候你一份一份地跟我講,我才突然“叮”了一下,明白Integrated是怎麼做的!!!我真的很感謝您兩年來的教導,雖然我總是煩您,但您每次都額外抽時間教我!!!超級感謝的~我現在還是偶爾偷用你account看Netflix看書啊~ 我覺得要是我從小就看英文書的話,我英文會自然好多 >< T^T 然後,意見的話,我覺得要早點發最後那本Integrated的書!然後,平時(F.4、 5)多一些學習資源。 嘿嘿~Miss Chiu您是老師裡面最漂亮最時尚的!!! (btw我大部分時候還是很怕您的) 不盡感激!!!!!!!!!

Lee Wasin St. Joseph’s College 畢業 香港科技大學修讀電腦科學

Dear Ms. Chiu,
Don’t wanna write in English because there will be tons of grammatical mistake but since my Chinese is not good anyway, who cares! It’s been a while since I leave here and join university. To be honest, I am so happy that I am able to leave the “hell” but since it’s about “happy memories”, yeah! I thought the biggest moment in Peak is the “DSE” period. Everyone is so tensed that a single mistake could be a fatal one, really fatal. Well, these experiences are one of the things which shape me to be who I am now so I can’t complain. Too many words to say but all the best Ms. Chiu. P.S. The environment, atmosphere and you never change. (You know what I mean 



Hilda Ma 庇理羅士女子中學畢業 香港中文大學修讀 IBBA

Ms. Chiu:
雖然我好似中三開始補緊,但基於青春期反叛又成日都冇出現。我自己係一個好懶嘅人,又懶得做功課又懶得睇書,個心真係好想但真係行動唔到。去到中五發現自己喺學校嘅成績有退步嘅跡象,加上自己英文老師一向憑直覺比predicted grade,我就信唔過佢,馬上揾Ms Chiu急救,Ms Chiu對於我呢個懶到出汁嘅學生固然又愛又恨,好彩我又中意仲專登成日揾Ms Chiu比佢閙,先熬出個5*。好多謝Ms Chiu一直對我不離不棄,雖然喺哩度嘅日子有血有汗有淚水,但都會每次比Ms Chiu讚嗰時好開心!好記得Ms Chiu有個Kindle account比學生睇書,雖然我好似未成功睇過一本完整嘅書,但都好感激Ms Chiu提供嘅無限資源同support。大家一定要聽Ms Chiu話,比佢閙多幾次就會唔忿氣考得好架喇!希望篇文會做model essay比大家睇到喇。加油!

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