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中一英文練習pdf + 答案 (視乎學校深淺程度,這些英文卷適合中一至中三學生)


中一英文練習pdf + 答案 (如果需要下載pdf 試卷,請先登記 ‘login to enrol’

Part I Reading Comprehension (16 marks)

Passage A

Read the following passage carefully then answer the questions in complete sentences in your own words.













Are extreme sports worth the risk?

There are reasons some sports are called extreme. They are fueled by the adrenaline that kicks in when a challenge awaits and accomplished with reservoirs of energy most people could not muster. They are addictive, out of the ordinary and risky. The sheer risk associated with these extreme sports is the biggest reason they exist in the first place – and the biggest reason they are so controversial.


Caleb Moore’s crash at the Snowmobile Freestyle competition in Aspen, Colorado this January wasn’t the first crash at an event, nor will it be the last. Moore’s subsequent death a week later after complications resulting from the crash, however, is not something anyone in the extreme sports world wants repeated. In the wake of his passing, the permits handed out for special events will undergo a meticulous re-evaluation, in order to lower the chance of any such incidents from occurring in the future. Moore’s death, however, brings up the inevitable question: are extreme sports too extreme? 


Mere days after Moore’s accident, U.S. Champion Skier, Lindsey Vonn, injured her knee in a race crash, and a new report links snowboarding to increased injury rates on the slopes. It’s worth pondering just what is driving daredevils of all extreme sports genres to risk serious injury in order to compete.


Professional mountain biker, Nick Simcik, had this to say about what drives him to risk so much while tearing down a mountain on his bike. “Risks are part of everyday life. We’re just continuing to do what we love and so it doesn’t feel like an unnecessary risk… there certainly is that element of potential danger and injury, and potentially worse, but that’s kind of why we do it – the thrill of it.”

The “adrenaline rush” or the “thrill” Simcik spoke of is really just the stimulation of the adrenal gland through an activity that places stress on the body. With extreme sports, that stress is magnified to untold dimensions. The average person who just plays basketball or baseball with his friends on the weekends doesn’t have any real sense of the hormones coursing through the body the same way an extreme sports athlete does. 


The “thrill” Simcik mentions can be addictive, and the increased adrenaline can allow extreme sports athletes to often walk away from falls and spills that would normally ruin someone who wasn’t so hopped up on endorphins that counteract the pain. That’s why we call these people Adrenalists. So, while the unfortunate death of Caleb Moore and the injury of Lindsey Vonn is a sobering reminder of what is being risked during extreme sports, the reminder isn’t necessary for their practitioners. They’re more intimate with the vulnerabilities and the risks than any of us could ever be. It’s the reason they do what they do.

中一英文練習pdf + 答案

Refer to the passage and answer questions 1 to 8 on the Answer Sheet. (16 marks)

  1. Why are extreme sports considered to be ‘extreme’? (2 marks)
  2. What happened to Caleb Moore at the Snowmobile Freestyle competition in Aspen? (2 marks)
  3. What did authorities that hold extreme sport competitions do to ensure the safety of the participants? (2 marks)
  4. Why do ‘Adrenalists’ engage in activities that may cost their lives? (2 marks)
  5. What are the extreme sports mentioned in the passage? (2 marks)
  6. Explain the effects that the ‘thrill’ has on a human body. (2 marks)
  7. According to the passage, why is playing a game of basketball or baseball not a kind of extreme sports? (2 marks)
  8. Find a word in the passage to replace the following words (2 marks)
    1. weaknesses, susceptibilities
    2. risky, life threatening, dangerous

中一英文練習pdf + 答案

Part II Grammar Usage (37 marks)

  1. Vocabulary (15 marks)

Choose from the words or expressions in the box below to complete the sentences. You may have to change the form of the vocabulary.

shy appropriate nut to crack enthusiastic child
fortune arrogant courageous question logic
expect improve obey protest natural

  1. A demonstration was held to ______ against animal testing.
  2. She was a ______ at the guitar as she only had to hear a song once to learn how to play it.
  3. To be a good police officer, you have to expect the ______.
  4. As a mathematician, he was used to coming up with ______ solutions to problems.
  5. There was no way that Rosie was going to tell the police anything, she was a tough ______.
  6. It takes great ______ to face your greatest fears.
  7. She was sent home as her clothing and behaviour was ______.
  8. It is difficult to tell the difference between self-confidence and ______.
  9. The most important attribute a police dog must have is ______.
  10. After they found the money in his house, it was ______ that he had played a part in the bank robbery.
  11. It was ______ that after weeks of sunshine, it rained on the night of the firework display.
  12. He was a very ______ boy and found it difficult to speak to other people.
  13. To be a good student, you have to not only work hard, but also show ______ for your subject.
  14. His performance captivated the audience, it was difficult to see how he could have ______ it.
  15. ______ is the period of time in which we learn most and develop our personalities.

中一英文練習pdf + 答案

  1. MC Cloze (12 marks)

Choose the best answer for each of the blanks.

Dan and Margie McIntyre, who enjoy the challenge of high adventure, are about to _1_ to the Antarctic but in one of the most _2_ places in that _3_, Commonwealth Bay. It is here that the famous polar explorer, Douglas Mawson, _4_ two years of hardship earlier this century. Mawson almost died because of the _5_ weather conditions. His wooden hut still stands and the McIntyres intend to _6_ photographs of it. Their own hut, which they are taking with them, is made of fibre-glass and measures 2.5 metres _7_ 3.5 metres. It will be fixed to the _8_ in order to _9_ it from being blown away by the _10_ winds, which blow at 300 kph and make it impossible to go out for weeks at a time. The McIntyres will _11_ in touch with the outside world via a computer network and hope to _12_ their experiences with schoolchildren in many countries.

  1. set off
  2. set up
  3. set down
  4. set in
  1. unwelcome
  2. inhospitable
  3. inconvenient
  4. unfriendly
  1. country
  2. district
  3. part
  4. region
  1. had
  2. lasted
  3. endured
  4. did
  1. wild
  2. severe
  3. critical
  4. hard
  1. make
  2. record
  3. have
  4. take
  1. by
  2. times
  3. from
  4. of
  1. site
  2. soil
  3. ground
  4. land
  1. hold
  2. prevent
  3. resist
  4. strengthen
  1. fast
  2. strong
  3. savage
  4. furious
  1. be
  2. have
  3. keep
  4. make
  1. describe
  2. give
  3. share
  4. teach

中一英文練習pdf + 答案

  1. Form of Words (10 marks)

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word in the bracket.

  1. Edison is ______ (fame) for inventing the lightbulb.
  2. After years of living in the Himalayas with the Nepali sherpas, she had an extensive ______ (know) of the traditions and customs of the people.
  3. It’s easy to say things you don’t mean in the ______ (hot) of the moment.
  4. Steve Jobs was the ______ (create) of the Apple brand.
  5. No matter how difficult life gets, you will always find ______ (solve) to your problems.
  6. He had ______ (wise) beyond his years.
  7. Einstein famously said, ‘try not to be a man of ______ (succeed), try to be a man of value’.
  8. When you have a high responsibility job, like being a surgeon, ______ (fail) is not an option.
  9. Many critics have said that ______ (proud) is Othello’s greatest weakness.
  10. I might as well admit it, I’m ______ (addict) to love.

中一英文練習pdf + 答案

Part III Proofreading (15 marks)

Correct the mistakes in the numbered lines without change the meaning. Do not make unnecessary changes or changes to punctuation. There is only one mistake in each numbered line. Corrections must be done as follows:

Wrong word: underline the wrong word and write the correct word above it (example a).

Missing word: mark the position of the missing word with a ‘^’ and write the missing word above it (example b)

Extra word: delete the extra word with a ‘X’ (example c)


I have proofreaded the work. a


Jessie and Kenneth ^ just finished their dinner. b


Coming to school early without a having breakfast is… c

Chinese Lion-Dancing

The history lion dancing dates back more than a thousand years and has always been an integral part of Chinese culture. The lion itself is regard as a guardian creature to drive away evil spirit, which is why many ancient buildings and palaces you see today, have lion statues guarding entrances. Although there is many stories about how lion dancing came about, most will agree that the dance is said to bring the good luck and prosperity. For this reason, it is very common to see the lion dance being perform on special ocasions, such as festivals, birthdays, weddings, opening of businesses and the Chinese New Year.


Traditionally, a typical performance usually involves two performer (representing the head and tail of the lion) mimick the movements of the lion, accompanied by the sound of a drum, cymbals and gong. Person responsible for the head portrays the emotions of the lion whilst the tail coordinates its movements with the front, and some cases carries out acrobatic stunts. 


Lion dancing has become very popular over the years and practiced within Chinese communities across the world, especially with the younger generations. Lion dance competitions have also gained widespreaded popularity and coverage. These performances require dancers jump between poles (or Jong), demonstrating accuracy, coordination and acrobatic skills.



















中一英文練習pdf + 答案

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中一英文練習pdf + 答案

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