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DSE 英文 – 寫 Book Review 要注意什麼?

10 useful tips include:

  1. Don’t make your readers wait, say the name of the book and the author at the beginning.
  2. Briefly say what you think of the book at the start.
  3. Don’t give away the ending.
  4. Give specific scenes or aspects of the book that you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy.
  5. Use positive adjectives such as ‘compelling’ or ‘captivating’
  6. Use negative adjectives such as ‘clichéd’ or ‘hackneyed’.
  7. Use the present tense to describe the plot of the book.
  8. Use some technical vocabulary of books such as ‘narrator’, ‘characterisation’ or ‘dramatic irony’.
  9. Use interesting connectors such as ‘as the plot progresses…’.
  10. Make a recommendation at the end of the review.

DSE 英文作文 Book Review 實用開頭句子

  • Author Ian McEwan has firmly established himself as…
  • This latest novel from …’s pen is sure to surprise readers familiar with …’s earlier work
  • Most people think that teenagers don’t have the concentration to read long books. But Rich Smith’s 2012 epic novel The Turtle and the Tortoise proves them wrong.

How to summarise the plot in a book review?

  • In this page-turner, readers are captivated as they follow…
  • Lewis Carroll creates suspense as he leads us on a roller-coaster ride of adventure through Alice’s imagination
  • The novel portrays the inner turmoil of…
  • The reader is caught up in the story of Harry as he…

Positive Adjectives to use in writing a book review:

  • compelling
  • captivating
  • original
  • inspiring
  • gripping
  • fast-paced
  • mesmerising
  • impossible to put down
  • a real page-turner

Negative adjectives to use in a book review:

  • simplistic
  • uneven
  • clichéd
  • hackneyed
  • readers might have some qualms about…


DSE 英文作文 Book Review 實用結尾句子

    • I could not recommend this book more enthusiastically
    • … has pulled of a triumph with his latest work
    • In the opinion of this critic…
    • It’s well worth a read.
    • This novel sets the standard for all future works of [science fiction].

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