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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips – Expanding your answer I

Your answer will be in the form of a persuasive argument. You need to give your opinion, then give reasons and examples to support your opinion.

This is how you should try to expand your answer if you struggle to talk for a full minute.

You need to give a reason, then develop it with more arguments and examples.

DSE 英文 Speaking – Expanding your answers I

Developing your reasons

As I’ve said in a previous lessons in this course, you need to have a clear structure to your answer. The structure includes two reasons for your opinion, with each reason lasting 20 seconds.

This means you need around 2 sentences for each reason.

Listen to this example answer. What is the problem with it?

DSE 英文 Speaking – Expanding your answer I (反面教材)

Do you think watching videos on Youtube is a good way to learn English?

Yes, I do think that watching videos on Youtube is an effective way to learn English. You can decide to watch the videos that interest you. You can do it in your spare time. Videos are sometimes funny. You can also choose videos that will help you with things you find hard. Videos are popular with young people. This is why watching videos on Youtube is a good way to learn English.

  • It is very repetitive in terms of sentence structures.
  • Importantly, it just lists ideas one after another.
  • This is why the answer is too short, because the student has run out of ideas.


DSE 英文 Speaking – Expanding your answer I (學生應該這樣擴充自己的答案)

Here is what the student should have done instead. Pick two arguments/reasons for your opinion, then think about how you can expand on and develop each one. Perhaps you can provide an example. Here is a better answer.

Do you think watching videos on Youtube is a good way to learn English?

Learning English through videos on Youtube is becoming increasingly popular among students, and I truly believe that they are an effective means of improving one’s English.

One of the benefits of learning English through videos is that Youtube videos are designed to be entertaining. I have recently been watching a Youtube channel which teaches English through funny sketches and examples that are relevant to young people like me. This makes me want to listen to and learn from the videos.

Secondly, watching videos to learn English is an effective way to gain exposure to native English speakers. By listening to native speakers, we can learn important elements of English that are difficult to gain from other learners, such as the rhythm and tones of spoken English, and idioms that are in common usage.

Watching videos on Youtube may not be the most traditional way to learn this language, but it is certainly powerful as a supplement to classroom learning.

  • In this answer, I’ve chosen two points (videos being entertaining, and a way to hear native English speakesr), then developed them, instead of just listing all the reasons I can think of.
  • For the first reason, I’ve given an example from my personal experience to support the reason.
  • For the second reason, I’ve expanded on my reason, explaining why it is important to hear native speakers.


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