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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips – Dealing with mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes when they speak, even native English speakers

Here is the rule for if you make a mistake: if it’s quick to correct, correct it. 

DSE 英文 Speaking – Dealing with small mistakes (英文說話考試,講錯了一點點,怎麼辦?)

If you make a small mistake…

…like grammar or vocabulary, correct it if you can do so easily and quickly, without disturbing the flow of your answer:

I think that to improve your grades at school, the first thing you have to do is change your altitude… attitude.

Despite of the health benefits… Despite the health benefits, cycling can be dangerous, particularly on busy roads.

However, it’s also ok to continue without correcting your mistake, if the meaning is not affected, if the examiner will still understand what you are saying.

DSE 英文 Speaking – Dealing with big mistakes (


If you make a big mistake…

… don’t spend a long time going back to correct it. Sometimes you might get confused and make too many mistakes. In this case, use natural English phrases to start again:

  • “Sorry, let’s try that again.”
  • “Sorry, I’ll just start that again.”

Do you think people in Hong Kong should be educated about nature?

It is absolutely… It is better than to… get to know the nature… nature… nature that is… Sorry, I’ll just start that again. [deep breath] It is absolutely crucial that people in Hong Kong learn about nature.

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