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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips – Improving your Vocabulary I

Having a wide vocabulary is a good way to improve your marks.

The methods include are:

  • Varying the words of the question;
  • Learning new ways to give your opinion

DSE 英文 Speaking Tips – Improving your vocabulary 1a -varying the words of the questions to make it feel like you have a wider range of vocabulary


If you can, don’t use the words of the question. Repeating what the examiner says does not show your own knowledge. Listen to these examples. Notice which one sounds better.

DSE 英文 Speaking – 看看例子


Do you think there are health risks in eating raw fish?

1. I think there are some health risks in eating fish.

2. Yes, consuming raw fish does involve some potential dangers to health.

Do you think that public spaces in Hong Kong give enough space for people?

1. I don’t think that public spaces in Hong Kong give enough space for people.

2. In my view, Hong Kong’s public areas just aren’t big enough for our growing population.


DSE 英文 Speaking – Improving your vocabulary 1b – Learning new ways to give your opinions

How to expressing opinions to show your depth of vocabulary (這個方法就是利用不同短句去表達你的意見,有些短句是可以背誦的,然後在每個意見之前加一些不同的短句)

You usually need to express an opinion when you answer 1-minute response questions. Here are some more interesting ways to express your opinion than “I think”.

 Do you think it is possible for people to be happy without money?

My personal opinion is that it is achieveable to be content without money, but I have no doubt in my mind that it would be difficult. It is hard to imagine a life without money, and if you ask me, the majority of people would find it too much of a challenge. To be honest, I would find it too challenging myself. Without money, we’d have to work very hard just to survive. This might be controversial, but I really enjoy the luxuries that money can buy, and I don’t think I could give those up easily!

These phrases are easy to use, because you can just put them straight in front of the opinion you want to express, without having to change the grammar. Just remember not to include ‘I think’ as well as the opinion phrase.


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