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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips – Improve your Vocabulary II

Having a wide vocabulary is a good way to improve your marks. This video has some more tips about how you can do this.

This lesson is about:

  • Using adverbs;
  • Using superlatives.


DSE 英文 Speaking – Improve your vocabulary 

By using adverbs

Using adverbs to qualify your verbs is an easy way to make your answer sound like you have a wide vocabulary. A good way to do this is to use adverbs when giving your opinion. Listen to these examples.

I honestly think that young people care more about heritage perservation than the older generation.

I truly believe that it would be devastating to destroy heritage buildings.

I particularly appreciate historical sites from the Chinese tradition, as they are very beautiful.

I certainly think that we should prioritise the preservation of historical sites over the building of new homes.

DSE 英文 Speaking – Improve your vocabulary II

By using superlatives

Superlatives are another way to make your answer interesting, and to show off your wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Here are some examples of where you could fit superlatives into your answers.

1. How could the media be used to publicize the dangers faced by the Chinese white dolphin?

The media is probably the most powerful tool to educate the public.


2.  Should teenagers be given pocket money or have to earn it?

In my personal opinion, learning how to manage money is the most important skill that teenagers have to master before becoming an adult.


3. Have you ever been to a bad restaurant?

Yes, last week I went to a restaurant with my family, and it was the worst restaurant experience I’ve ever had.


4. Do you think that students’ English proficiency would improve by using songs?

In my limited experience, using songs is actually the least effective way to learn a language.


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