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DSE 英文 – 寫Leaflet要注意什麼?

  1. Create an eye-catching title
  2. Create a problem + solution
  3. Get specific
  4. Exaggerate
  5. Opinions disguised as facts
  6. Keep it short and sweet
  7. Use direct address
  8. Use imperatives
  9. Create some special offers
  10. Create a slogan

DSE 英文作文體材 – Leaflet 題目 1-5

      • Your school is organising an open day for the local community in order to raise money for a new sports hall. The open day will showcase students’ talents and abilities, whilst also providing lots of fun activities organised by staff and students.  Write a leaflet to advertise the event to local residents.
      • Your head teacher has asked you to co-ordinate a “tutor buddy” programme, in which students in forms 5 and 6 give extra help to students in the lower forms. Write a leaflet advertising the program to form 5 and 6 students. 
      • You are working as an intern for Study and Travel, an organisation that arranges overseas study holidays to countries including Japan, New Zealand and the USA. Write a leaflet to be distributed to local schools encouraging students to take part.
      • You have been concerned in recent weeks that some of your classmates are suffering from too much stress. Write a leaflet telling them what they can do to deal with the problem. 
      • You are working as a part-time waiter in your father’s restaurant. However, business has not been good and your father has asked you to write a leaflet to be distributed to the local area that will publicise his restaurant.  Write the leaflet. 

DSE 英文作文體材 – Leaflet 題目 6-10

    • You are working as an intern in the Institute of Commerce. Your supervisor has asked you to write a leaflet giving advice to form 6 students about what they need to consider if they would like to start a small business in the future.
    • Your school is putting on a musical production in a month’s time, but you still don’t have enough actors, musicians or stage crew. Your drama teacher has asked you to write a leaflet to encourage more students to participate in one way or another.  Write the leaflet. 
    • You are the chairperson of your school’s Business Club and you have invited a famous business woman to come and give a talk on how to write a good CV. Write a leaflet advertising the event to your classmates. 
    • You are an intern for The Gossiper Your publication was recently attacked for ‘not treating current affairs seriously enough and not respecting the privacy of celebrities.’  Write a leaflet in which you present a more positive side of The Gossiper to the general public.
    • You have recently invented a brand new product that you believe fills a gap in the market. Write a leaflet to distribute to relevant companies about your product explaining what it is and why they would be wise to invest in it.

DSE 英文作文 Leaflet 實用開頭句子

    • Ever thought of…?
    • Fed up of…?
    • Annoyed with…?
    • Tired of…?
    • If so, then why not try…?

DSE 英文作文 Leaflet 實用句子

A friendly tone

  • Let us do the work for you
  • We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  • Do pop by our booth and say hello.


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