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【DSE 英文】Short Story – DSE English Paper 2 Tips 英文卷二技巧

    1. Show, don’t tell – Don’t tell your readers how people are feeling or where they are.  Use your words to describe it.
    2. Use metaphors -A metaphor is when we describe one thing as if it’s another.
    3. Use adverbs 
    4. Don’t always say “he said”
    5. Use synonyms – Instead of saying ‘hot’, say ‘scorching’; instead of saying ‘confused’, try ‘bewildered’.
    6. Surprise your reader – Try to avoid clichéd or overused plots.
    7. Vary your sentence structure
    8. Get to know your characters – Plan a little: who are they?  What are they wearing?  What do they look like? What job do they have?
    9. Include “irrelevant” details – Lots of (seemingly) insignificant details will make your story believable.
    10. Don’t preach

DSE 英文作文體材 – Short Story 題目 1-5

      • Your school newspaper is running a story competition under the heading ‘Strangers on a Train’. Write a story with this as the title.
      • Yesterday something very unusual happened to you during a visit to Ocean Park. Write a story about the experience.
      • Your school writing society is asking all of its members to try out some new techniques. This week, it is asking all members to try to write a story using the first person narrator.  The first line is: ‘I’m not sure when I noticed that I had special powers, but it can’t have been before April last year…’  Write the story
      • Write a story that ends with the words ‘…and that was definitely not a dream!’
      • When you woke up this morning you saw an old man lying on the ground, with a group of young girls surrounding him. When you went to ask what was going on, you were shocked by the reply.  Write a story about what happened.

DSE 英文作文體材 – Short Story 題目 6-9

    • Your teacher has asked you to practice some difficult writing skills. In the latest assignment she has asked you to imagine you are a 70 year-old immigrant to Hong Kong and write a story about what happened on your first day in the SAR.
    • Your school writing society has asked you to write a story from the perspective of an animal. Write a story entitled ‘An Ordinary Snake with an Extraordinary Secret.’  Use the first person.
    • Your local newspaper is running a story competition on the theme of ‘Love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’. Write a story for the competition.
    • Your school magazine has asked for students to contribute stories on the theme of ‘celebrations’. Write a story on this theme that ends with the line: ‘so that’s how Jane ended up crying on her birthday’.

DSE 英文作文 Short Story Useful Phrases 1

Vocabulary for talking about appearance

    • clean-shaven 鬍子刮得乾乾淨淨的
    • lanky 瘦長的
    • well-groomed 整齊的
    • freckled 雀斑的
    • slender 苗條的
    • rotund = round (e.g. a rotund little man)
    • unkempt 蓬頭垢面
    • stocky 矮壯的,結實的
    • spotty 多瘡的,多粉刺的

DSE 英文作文 Short Story Useful Phrases 2

Vocabulary for talking about personality

    • eloquent 口才出色
    • articulate 能言善辯
    • gregarious 喜歡跟人相處,合群的
    • brazen 厚顏無恥的
    • big-headed 自以為是,傲慢的
    • grumpy 脾氣壞的,性情暴躁的
    • affectionate 感情豐富,對別人表示關愛的
    • daring 敢於冒險的

DSE 英文作文 Short Story Useful Phrases 3

Other ways of saying “said”

    • bellowed, yelled, snapped, rebuked (代表憤怒)
    • reassured, relented, placated, apologized (道歉安慰時候用)
    • chuckled, giggled, joked, teased (歡樂時候用)
    • recounted, recalled, remembered, concluded (回憶時候用)

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