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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips 2 – Use the best structure

Structure your answer like an essay

Time (roughly)

10 seconds

Stance/brief answer

20 seconds

Reason 1 + explanation/example

20 seconds

Reason 2 + explanation/example

10 seconds

Concluding sentence

【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking – Sample answer with the suggested best structure

Sample Answer

Would you like to live a simple life away from the city?


Leaving the busyness of the city behind seems very appealing to me. I think it would be very refreshing to go into the countryside and live a simple life there.

Reason 1

I think the most appealing idea is that you could be your own boss in the countryside. You wouldn’t have to work for anyone else, as you would have everything you need already. It would be an escape from the stresses of the workplace, and all the meaningless paperwork usually involved in city jobs.

Reason 2

A simple life would also be extremely rewarding, and it would be easy to see the fruits of your labour. There is nothing more satisfying than growing plants and raising animals, because you can see the results for yourself. Unlike working in the city, your achievements are living and breathing, not just money in the bank.


Although this idea is very attractive, I don’t think I will ever actually do it. I have lots of responsibilities in the city, and when I am older there will be people who depend on me financially.


【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Conclusion

    1. Use this simple structure to give your answer. Introduction -> reason 1 (+ explanation/example) -> reason 2 (+ explanation/example) -> conclusion
    2. If you really can’t think of two reasons, just try to develop your first reason with some good examples; the best answers, however, will have two well-supported reasons for your opinion

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DSE Speaking Tip 2 - Use the best structure

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