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【DSE 英文】DSE Speaking Tips 3 – Stalling for time 拖延時間技巧

Sometimes you’re asked a difficult question. Here are tips from the examiners reports to help you to get more time to think about your answer.

      • Don’t use stock phrases to start your answer.
      • Repeat back the question to have some more time to think.

【DSE 英文】試卷四說話 – 如何拖延時間想答案?

Don’t… (千萬不要)

    • Don’t use phrases like “That’s a good question” or “Let me think about that”: examiners have heard them lots of times
    • Examiners really hate it if you use these phrases when the question isn’t difficult: it’s a waste of time, and examiners find it annoying
    • Don’t waste time saying ‘Thank-you for your question’ at the start of your answer. Just go straight into your answer.

【DSE 英文】試卷四說話 – 如何拖延時間想答案?

Do… (拖延時間方法)

    • Only use phrases like the following if you really need time to think about the answer.
    • If you need to get some extra time to think, repeat back the question. If possible, change the words, so that you are not just copying the examiner
    • The word ‘well’ is a natural way to move on from the question to your answer.

【DSE 英文】試卷四說話 – 實戰例子


Do the public have the right to know about celebrities’ private lives?

Do celebrities have a right to privacy, or should people be able to know everything about them? Hmm, well I think that…

Do you think that living in the countryside is the best way to live?

Is living away from the city really the ideal lifestyle? Well, in my view…

Is it better to exercise outside or in a gym?

Outside or in the gym: which is the best option? Well, in my experience…

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DSE Speaking Tip 3 - Difficult questions: Stalling for time

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