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DSE 英文 – 寫A reply to a letter of complaint 要注意什麼?

  1. Thank your reader
  2. Express regret
  3. Apologise when you’re at fault
  4. Defend your company
  5. Refer back to the letter
  6. Keep it polite and professional
  7. Make the reader see your point of view
  8. Keep it formal
  9. Be specific
  10. Invite your reader to contact you

DSE 英文作文體材 – A reply to a letter of complaint 題目 1-5

      • You are working as an intern for a theatre company and someone has written to you complaining that your theatre is too old, has inadequate toilet facilities and is staffed by rude personnel. Write a reply to their letter. 
      • You are working in a large bookstore in Causeway Bay. The other day, you received a complaint from a customer who said that the prices were much too high compared to those online and the level of service she received was not satisfactory.  Write a reply.
      • You recently went on a trip to the zoo with your friends. You were wearing school uniform, and although it was not an official trip, a member of the public has written to your head teacher to complain about your behaviour and that of your friends.  Your head teacher has passed the letter on to you and asked you to write the reply.
      • You are working as an intern on a local radio show. An elderly woman recently wrote in to complain that the music was too modern and not varied enough.  She also said the presenters didn’t speak clearly enough.  Write the reply.
      • You are working as an intern for a travel agency. A couple who booked a holiday through your agency have complained to you about their flights, the quality of the hotel and the standard of food they received whilst abroad.  Write a reply to them.

DSE 英文作文體材 – A reply to a letter of complaint 題目 6-9

  • Over summer you are earning some money by working as an office assistant in a local newspaper. A reader has written in to complain about the standard of journalism in the paper, as well as the ‘excessive number of adverts that fill it’.  Your manager has asked you to write a reply to the reader.
  • A letter signed by members of the community has been sent to your school head teacher. In the letter they claim that students are badly behaved, pay sport in the street near their houses, and leave litter near the school grounds.  Your head teacher has asked you to reply to the letter on his behalf.
  • You are working as an intern for a magazine that regularly publishes photos of celebrities. Recently a high-profile celebrity wrote to the editor to complain that the magazine had published photos without her consent and had even written stories that were not true.  She thinks this is typical of your magazine.  Write a reply on behalf of your editor.
  • You are training to be a hairdresser. Recently, a woman came into your salon to get her hair cut, and you made some mistakes and she has now written to you to complain.  However, you do not think the mistakes were as serious as the woman suggested.  Write a reply to her letter.

DSE 英文作文 A reply to a letter of complaint 實用開頭句子

  • Thank you for your letter of 2 July 2013 in which you raised concerns about…
  • It goes without saying that we take all complaints very seriously.
  • We appreciate your taking the time to write to us and would like to assure you…

DSE 英文作文 A reply to a letter of complaint 如何表達遺憾:

    • We were surprised to learn that…
    • We are sorry that…
    • We would like to apologise for…
    • We were disappointed to learn that…
    • Unfortunately, …

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