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DSE 英文 Paper 2 – 寫Speech要注意什麼?

    1. Know your audience
    2. Grab attention at the start
    3. Address your reader directly
    4. Use PEE
    5. Signpost
    6. Vary sentence length
    7. Use emotive / strong vocabulary
    8. Use repetition
    9. Use lists
    10. End where you began

    DSE 英文作文體材 – Speech 題目 1-5

        • Your head teacher Mr. Yip is leaving your school after 30 years of service. The deputy head has asked you to give a speech at his final assembly thanking him for his hard work and mentioning some of the things he hass contributed to your school. Write the speech.
        • In recent years, environmentalists have been waging war against shark fin soup. Write a speech in which you either support the environmentalists’ claims or argue against them.
        • Many young people now enjoy playing video games. Write a speech in which you encourage your school assembly to consider taking up different habits instead of, or in addition to, video games.
        • A recent series of thefts has left members of your school suspicious of other students. Write a speech to encourage vigilance and trust.
        • You are working as an intern for a local newspaper. Your editor will be attending a debate entitled ‘Governments should not interfere in the freedom of the press’. She has asked you to write her speech for the affirmative side of this motion.   Write the speech.

    DSE 英文作文體材 – Speech 題目 6-10

      • You recently saw a teenager picking up litter on the street and believe that this demonstrates the good qualities of many young people in Hong Kong. Write a speech in which you exhort the students at your school to put their civic awareness into practice.
      • Your liberal studies teacher has organised a debate on the motion ‘politicians don’t make a difference to our day-to-day lives’. Write a speech either for either the affirmative or negative side.
      • You are the chairperson of your school’s environment club. Write a speech saying why more people should consider joining the club.
      • You are a successful businessperson in Hong Kong and have been invited back to your old school to give a talk on the most important lessons you learnt in and after school in order to inspire the students to achieve success. Write the speech.
      • Last week you visited a prison in Hong Kong. Write a speech about whether you think conditions in prisons should be improved or not, and give reasons why.

    DSE 英文作文 Speech 實用開頭句子

      • Before we begin I’d like to ask you a question…
      • Did you know that…
      • I’d like to ask for a show of hands…
      • Put up your hand if you’ve ever…
      • I’d like to start by sharing a story that happened to me personally…

    DSE 英文作文 Speech 實用結尾句子

      • If you remember nothing else, remember this…
      • Let me leave you with a question
      • Can you remember that at the start of the speech I mentioned

    DSE 英文作文 Speech 如何提供例子?

    Giving examples

        • We need look no further than … to see the disastrous results of government policy
        • I know this because we recently saw…
        • … serves as proof of my contention here.
        • The example of … should be enough to convince us of this point
        • …’s story is a cautionary tale

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