George Orwell 1984 Summary

Part One – Thoughtcrime

1984 Chapter Four – Ownlife


20. Part One – Thoughtcrime: Chapter Four – Ownlife Under what circumstances would the Party refuse a request to marry? The Party would refuse a request for marriage if the man and woman in question ‘found each other attractive’.
21. What definition of ownlife is given? Ownlife, in Newspeak, is described as doing things on one’s own, resulting in ‘separation from everybody else’.
22. Why does Winston enter Charrington’s shop even though he swore to himself that would never do so again after buying his diary? Winston enters Charrington’s shop for the second time because he decides that he ‘would be safer inside’ than doing nothing outside and determines that ‘trying to buy a razor blade’ would be a good enough excuse for being there if anyone asked him.
23. Why is Winston attracted to the idea of renting Charrington’s upstairs room? Winston is attracted to the idea of renting Charrington’s upstairs room because he decides that ‘it would be so peaceful to live as people did in the past’ and he likes the idea of having a room without a telescreen in it.

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