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The Hammer of God A Window on the Universe Themes

The Hammer of God

  • Captain Singh takes refuge in his past, which includes natural scenery
  • Complexity of humans: the very advanced computer, David, can’t do certain human things, like deep emotion; but then his lack of emotion (fear, love) allows him to think logically enough to think of an action to save the Earth
  • Tendency of humans to make nature ‘supernatural’: discussion of a new religion, and calling the asteroid something from God
  • Lots of natural disasters in future (constant thread of asteroids, California has been destroyed by an earthquake)
  • The irony that the people who were sent on a dangerous mission to save Earth were the only ones who could be safe (but then died saving Earth: true heroes)
  • A story of cooperation between man and machine to save the Earth: in the end, the crew bravely save the world after making a nonchalant speech, clearly sparing those on Earth their evident feelings about their imminent demise

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