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The Star Ducks A Window on the Universe Themes

The Star Ducks

  • Rafferty comes across as cruel and judgemental: thinks the Alsops are stupid and weird
  • The Alsops don’t seem threatened by the aliens; Rafferty tries not to believe it – he thinks it’s a prank
  • Rafferty takes the situation entirely selfishly: he sees it as an opportunity for a story (making him more famous) than looking at the bigger picture
  • Ironic that every last scrap of evidence they could possibly have was completely gone: the Alsops had absolutely no idea about the importance of their visitors
  • The Alsops and Rafferty are complete opposites: the Alsops don’t realise the importance of their visitors, removing all evidence of them; and Rafferty is obsessed with evidence, failing to take it in his stride or see the bigger picture

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